Complex Criminal Litigation

We embrace the challenge of assisting our clients through the toughest and most complex criminal cases. Our attorneys have decades of experience with the criminal justice system who understand the construction of government prosecutions and possess the skill to build the strongest possible defenses against them. Our team, also, benefits from the perspectives of a former Assistant United States Attorney and a veteran prosecutor for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Regardless of the charge, our team is fully committed to protecting your constitutional rights against the incredible power of the state. We pledge to devote our time, effort, and resources to protect you from an, often, impersonal and overzealous judicial system.

Misdemeanor and Traffic

From Reckless Driving and DUI charges to larceny investigations, we understand the weighty implications that misdemeanor convictions have for an individual’s criminal record. Short term consequences may include jail, probation, and immigration problems while the long term ramifications could result in denial of employment, education, and government sponsored financial aid and grants. Our attorneys have litigated many hundreds of misdemeanor and traffic cases during the course of their careers and are well-prepared to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.