The decision to file for bankruptcy is difficult.

There are many unknowns. You may be asking – Will I be able to keep my home and car? Will my business survive? Will my property be seized? How will my credit score be affected? Will I be able to refinance in the future?

Our office has helped hundreds of people and businesses through bankruptcies. Many of our clients tell us – “Why didn’t I file sooner?”

We have extensive experience in all aspects of debt restructuring, liquidations and reorganizations, litigation, and have represented clients in connection with dischargeability challenges, preference actions and various other adversary proceedings.

If you are facing a foreclosure, garnishment or repossession, or are saddled with mounting credit card debt, bankruptcy can be a fresh start for you.

Campbell Flannery offers free consultations and same day filings. Call us to find out if filing for bankruptcy is the right decision for you.